Great Gifts for the Hobbyist in Your Life

Remember hobbies?  Not television time or video games, but activities that helped nurture your creative skills.  Maybe that’s sewing, woodworking, knitting or scale model building.  Yes, scale models.  We know, you may have tried this past time when you were 12, but this attempt ended with your fingers glued together and a series of unfinished models with a bad paint job.  I mean, who has the patience for this anyway?

Whilst these are all fair points you may want to consider how scale model building could appeal to your older sensibilities.  Everyone can benefit from a hobby that is both productive and meditative.  Get ready to talk about all things scale modelling.  This hobby is the surprising marriage of research and craftsmanship and will become your new best friend.

Thanks to the ever-expanding online market of model kits from top brands like ModelSpace, this hobby is not just for military or history buffs anymore.  From your very own Millennium Falcon, to stocking-stuffers, there is a model to suit every type of hobbyist in your life.

For the paint perfectionists…

Brushes are great for any in-depth detail work however, nothing will make your work look cleaner or will help you finish your models faster than an airbrush.  This piece of kit lays down paint extremely evenly and ensures there are no visible brush marks – which is a sure rookie giveaway.

For the stargazers…

Sure, anyone can build a plane.  But do you know what’s cooler?  Space shuttles.  There is a plethora of space shuttle models to pick and choose from, making this a great option for both beginners and advanced model builders.

For any rebel sympathisers…

If you thought snap-together models were a thing of the past, then look no further than the Millennium Falcon.  There are a number of brands that offer both easy snap-together models and intricate, detailed models that need glue.  Either way this will be the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan!

For the neat freak…

If you’re looking for easier clean-up and less odour when painting, then acrylic paints offer a number of advantages over enamels – they are both low VOC and water-soluble.  Basically, if you spill the paint, there’s no need to freak out!  While acrylics offer a number of key benefits, it’s also difficult to find the bigger multi-colour packs.  Not to worry, as a little bit of research will ensure you find the perfect paint shade.

For hot messes…

Considering how much time model makers spend wielding an Xacto knife, accidents are likely to happen.  This is where a cutting mat can act as a necessary saviour for your work surfaces.  Not only does this cost-effective mat absorb knife marks with ease, it also makes sure all the plastic and paint shavings have somewhere to go (other than your dining room table).

So, there you have it, a quick run-down of the top gifts to get for the hobbyist in your life.  Or, if you’re really keen, why not take up scale modelling yourself?  We can’t think of a better way to de-stress after a difficult and trying day at work.

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